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Multi-business Portal

The multi-service portal system is responsible for presenting the portals of various services to end users, including live programs browsing and playing, VOD programs classification browsing, searching and on-demand broadcasting, time-shift program browsing and playback, news information browsing, and other various value-added service navigation; Access and management of various value-added services are unified through BO. PORTAL can dynamically display various dynamic access services through the interface with BO.
  • Support centralized and distributed networking configurations: Support two-level or multi-level networking configurations. Each level supports interfaces with users and supports networking configurations on backbone nodes and central nodes.
  • Support load balancing mechanism: the server meets the concurrent access service capability and processing capability necessary for the application. When the amount of access increases, the server has parallel scalability and automatically implements load balancing;
  • Provide application portal services: support users to browse in different media directories, provide media information services, and support the display of detailed properties of different media;
  • Provide a unified portal: users can access the unified portal of the system through different terminals, which can meet the business requirements of the cross-network, cross-service, and cross-terminal, and meet the requirements of the “three-network convergence” service;
  • Provide portal management for video on demand services;
  • The portal page is automatically updated and the offered services will not be affected during updating process;
  • Multi-role management: various user roles can be defined, including system administrators, service administrators, customer service, SP/CP and their corresponding permissions; these settings can flexibly realize the needs of different user roles;
  • Support static navigation information, and dynamically generate service navigation directories based on service information;
  • Personalized display: The application server can provide different portal services for different categories of users, manage the user portal according to the virtual, physical partition and user attributes, and open different portals for different user types to realize personalized business;
  • Support for parent PIN control management: If the set-top box has parent control set, the entries contained in the folder with the level limit set cannot be on-demand and grayed out on the specific set-top box;
  • With statistical function on user’s online rate, daily online users figures, and the current visitor data;
  • Different service integration modes can be provided according to the service configuration information, including redirection, proxy authentication, and independent certification and authentication by third-party services;
  • The portal server can push pages to the set-top box through HTML4.0, JavaScript 1.4, CSS, XML, XSLT and other standards;
  • Support business browsing function, display the services provided by interactive TV through the directory structure, support the classification and browsing of VOD programs, for examples, programs can be divided into feature films, romance films, horror movies and cartoons, ect.;
  • Support business search function, provide multiple ways of business search function, such as search by leading star, director, number of title, ID and initial letter;
  • Support VOD business favorites and bookmarks;
  • Support browsing navigation of VOD popular program list, which will be identified according to click statistics or according to configuration;
  • Support user preview navigation of new VOD programs;
  • Support user self-service functions, including user password modification, services ordering and canceling, parental lock function, balance query for prepaid users, historical consumption record query;
  • Support VOD program ratings, VOD program voting and recommendations;
    Support the browsing navigation of the VOD resume broadcast program list, and the user can select to resume or replay the resume broadcast program;
  • Support different forms of announcements, including access to portal mandatory advertising, page advertising
  • Support to display products, packages and marketing preferential to users, making it easy for users to make order choices;
  • Provide personalized functions such as “My Favorites” and “Hot Spots”, and can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of operators, without affecting the normal operation of the business;
  • Provide online user management system interface, check the current status of the user, the current user’s available quota, various service information subscribed by the user, and transaction data and charging information, which can provide users with a variety of product marketing information;
  • The application server confirms the identity of the set-top box client before providing the portal service, avoiding access of the PC client from the public network, to ensure system security;
  • The multi-service engine supports the functions of the introduction, certification, authentication, and accounting management of SP/CP services or new services, including: participating services, business services, Internet services, monitoring services, and triple-network services. Support unified business management;
  • A single WEB server can handle more than 300 requests per second(CPU resources are not higher than 60%);
  • Response time to user’s page request is less than 3second.