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Interactive TV EPG System

The system provides a unified service portal (EPG – Electronic Program Guide) for interactive TV service , enabling a large number of program listings to be distributed and rate control for data streams. Support distributed EPG deployment mode, with large customers and personalized EPG presentation mode; can be based on multiple network access, EPG access of multiple types of terminals; provide multiple classifications and multi-level classification, and search for large-volume content.
  • Support EPG classification, time-shifted TV, wonderful review, karaoke, video on demand, program ranking, etc.
  • Support time period filtering (not displaying EPG in invalid time);
  • Support EPG search;
  • Support graded, distributed EPG;
  • Support time-shift EPG synchronization with automatic update of time-shift acquisition recording;
  • Support WEB and OC playing in turn, interactive mode;
  • Support large customers and personalized EPG;
  • Support multi-standard terminal, EPG access with different resolutions.