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The OVT/D-EQAM-6000 is a high-density edge QAM modulator for VOD on-demand services. It receives Gigabit DP/RTP network data input, via de-bounce, re-multiplex, QAM modulation, output after up-conversion, supports up to 24/48/96 independent QAM transmission stream output, frequency range is 54M-1GHz, agile Adjustable (4-way adjacent frequency).

OVT/D-EQAM-6000 This equipment has high integration, high stability and modular design, which greatly reduces space occupation and system construction cost, enabling operators and VOD service providers to launch VOD business effectively in large areas at a lower cost.

Technical indicators:
  • Gigabit input: (1) Interface SFP (optical/electrical) (2) Packet format UDP/RTP (3) Input mode Unicast/multicast (4) IGMP V1 V2 V3 (5) Maximum bit rate 960M
  • RF output: (1) modulation constellation 64 / 256QAM (2) output symbol rate 3.600-6.952Mb / s (3) modulation error rate (MER) ≥ 40dB (4) output frequency 54M ~ 1GHz (5)
  • RF connector 75Ω F Connector (6) output level 110 dB V (0~32dB software adjustable) (7) RF out-of-band rejection >50dB
  • Network Management: (1) Interface RJ45 (2) Management Method web (3) SNMP Support SNMP
  • General physical parameters: (1) Weight 11kg (2) Dimension 575 × 480 × 44 (mm) (3) Operating temperature 0-50 ° C (4) Storage temperature -20 ~ 70 ° C (5) Humidity < 85% (6) Supply voltage 220VAC ± 10% redundant hot plug and unplug
  • The design is compact and supports 24/48/96 channel transmission stream QAM output;
  • Support transmission stream re-multiplexing output;
  • Support PID mapping (automatic/manual);
  • Support for PCR regeneration of programs;
  • SI/PSI insertion time can be modified;
  • Support unicast and multicast of programs;
  • Support exceed code rate protection;
  • Supports route mapping of any input SPTS program to any QAM;
  • All QAMs support TS stream ID settings;
  • The program can be de-bounced up to 500ms, which can be applied to a variety of different video broadcast servers;
  • RF output 54MHz ~ 1GHz agile frequency, stepping is 250KHz;
  • Support automatic/manual switching of Gigabit network master and backup ports;
  • Support SFP (optical/electrical mode);
  • Support ASI monitoring;
  • Comply with ITU-T J.83 Annex ABC;
  • Support 64 / 256 QAM;
  • Support UDP/RTP and support IGMP V1V2V3;
  • Level output can be agile, the minimum can be scheduled to 0.5dBuV;
  • Have a web network management;
  • Support unified network management and support standard SNMP protocol;
  • Support the NGOD 2.0 protocol;
  • The RF module is pluggable;
  • Modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance;
  • The power supply is a 1RU redundant hot swappable power supply;
  • Has the function of power-off memory;
  • 19-inch standard cabinet installation.