HD Interactive Digital TV Set-top Box

Brilliant Field of Vision,
For Better Interaction
Superior Design/Two-way Interaction/
Encryption Chip/Video Decoding

Two-way Interaction–Built for a better family life

Share the joy of life with family members

Independent R&D in Two-way Chip, to lead the trend of Interactive Video

incl. Mstar/HiSilicon,ect. Smart Performance on upgrading, Smooth Set-top Box Operation, to feel the Charm of Innovation

New level of Security and Fast Decryption, to enjoy life

Blockbuster HD Movies, to feel like right on the scene

H.265 Intelligent decoding, High definition, Smooth playing, with stable transmission carrier,
3D audio-visual effects can be easily experienced

HD Screen Display

Rapid switch on Channels, experience the smart life

Rapid switch on Channels, experience the smart life
Premium content resources are available every day

Provide multiple return mode (built-in EOC, network port)

Support Interactive TV services, such as VOD, time shifting playback, boot advertisement, EPG advertisement, Kakari advertisement, Targeted advertising, Real-time ratings survey, information service. Support value added services, including EPG, NVOD, da- ta-cast, stock, boot information, ect. Support MPEG-2、AVS、AVS+、H.264 HD decoding.