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AD Management System

The interactive TV AD Management System provides operators with precise ad marketing capabilities. Based on the concept of existing TV advertising business, the system provides accurate advertising for the characteristics of interactive TV, and supports personalized advertising according to various user attributes such as preferences and regions, and supports rich and diverse advertisements types, including boot video ads, VOD in-stream ads, time-shifted in-stream ads, page image ads, rolling captions, video corner- tag ads, and even more.
  • Boot ads: push personalized ads according to the strategy when the set-top box is turned on, support multiple advertising strategies such as preferences and regions;
  • VOD in-stream advertising: support pre-on-demand, on-demand timed insertion, etc., support various advertising strategies;
  • Page image ads: automatic placement of image ads on interactive EPG pages through dynamic page mode;
  • Video small window ads: Ads can be played on the page by embedding a video window;
  • Video corner ads: can place dynamic images on each corner in the process of video playback.
  • Rolling captions: can play rolling captions as specified during video playback;
  • EPG image ads: You can set up image ads in the time-shifted EPG;
    Time-shifted interstitial ads: When the system allows time-shifted programs to play, the VOD-like interstitial ads are used for advertising. For the particularity of time-shifted programs, users can enable or disable this advertising service;
  • Supports user-level, page group, program group and other advertising broadcast control management, which is convenient and flexible to define the advertisement strategy;
  • Advertising audience, advertising provider management;
  • Various logs and statistical queries can accurately and timely grasp the effect of advertising, and can be used as the basis for settlement of advertising costs with advertisers;
  • Advertising order, order policy management, meanwhile, the system also provides an advertiser’s independent service system, so that advertisers can grasp the advertising situation in a timely manner;
  • Support advertising buyout, play in turn, bidding and other delivery strategies, can fully meet the diversified delivery needs of operators’ advertising.