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Interactive Digital TV Platform

Interactive TV platform system architecture

OVT Ultra-media TM interactive digital TV platform features

Open and Standardized Platform

  • Adopt advanced industry standards;
  • Supports heterogeneous integration with third-party products through standardized interfaces;
  • Provide an open CP/SP access platform;
  • Provide operators with an open SP/CP access platform to quickly introduce various interactive TV services;
  • The platform is independent of the middleware and can be compatible with middleware of multiple manufacturers;
  • General advanced hardware and technology;
  • Devices such as video servers and application servers support industry-wide servers and are not limited by hardware, helping operators to get rid of the constraints of proprietary architecture hardware platforms and protect hardware investments;
  • The storage device supports advanced technologies such as DAS, iSCSI, and SCSI, and supports SAS, SATA, and other types of hard disks;

Support multiple types of terminals and access network

  • Support multi-type set-top boxes and terminals: standard-definition set-top boxes, high-definition set-top boxes, network ports, serial port set-top boxes, PCs, compatible with MPEG-2/4, H.264, H.265, AVS2 and other decoding formats, and support network streaming services;
  • Support multiple access network modes, including EPON+LAN, EPON+EOC, CMTS+CM, serial port backhaul, wireless network, and other various broadband access networks.
  • Support IPV6 protocol;
  • Not only for the current network conditions of the broadcasting industry, but also to provide a variety of extended reservations for future development, providing conditions for operators to carry out triple-network merge services.
  • Flexible networking
  • According to different networks, multiple networking modes such as centralized, semi-distributed, fully distributed and hybrid architectures can be adopted;
  • The main equipments such as EPG system, video server, BO, PORTAL, IPQAM, etc., which carry interactive services, can be flexibly deployed at various levels of nodes and in multiple ways.

Advanced Platform Technology

  • Breaking through the traditional 2:8 hot-cold broadcast principle, supporting the large-capacity local storage of push-stream servers and cold-hot broadcast scheduling applications, supporting the long-term, multi-channel time-shift TV service needs, meeting many high-definition time-shift TV channels in the future, extended demand for on-demand programming;
  • Self-developed network file system with superior performance and supports storage aggregation of push server clusters;
  • Superior push performance: using innovative disk IO management technology and file fragmentation technology, a single station can support more than 4,000 concurrent streams @3.75M MPEG-2;
  • The push stream server adopts the N+1 cluster backup working mode to support the automatic recovery of the code stream carried by the faulty server.
  • The video server has full VCR controlled push flow capability;
  • The number of time-shifted TV channels is only related to the storage capacity, supports the smooth expansion of time-shifted channels;
  • Telecom-class DB caching technology, superior performance, eliminating access bottlenecks to the database;
  • The unified platform supports three-screen merge and three-screen interactive platforms such as set-top boxes, xPad and xPhone;
  • Support independent expansion of central storage and edge storage.

Innovative business model 

  • Accurate advertising: boot information / questionnaire survey, ads insertion;
  • Real-time ratings survey;
  • Premium channels preview and instant ordering;
  • Multi-channel, long-term real-time time-shift service (40 sets × 7 days × 24 hours);
  • Innovatively realize the integration of three screens of set-top box, xPhone and xPad.

Campatible with other manufacturers

  • Compatible with CDN, BO, VS, IPQAM, etc. of mainstream platform manufacturers in the industry;
  • Support middleware of mainstream manufacturers in the industry;
  • Successful integration with terminals from more than ten mainstream set-top box manufacturers in the industry;
  • Support the docking of mainstream BOSS and media resource management systems;
  • Successful integration of multiple mainstream CP/SP.

Stable and Reliable System

  • More than five years, a large number of commercial cases, system reliability has been fully verified;
  • Adopt mature and advanced equipment and technology;
  • Adopt general purpose servers and storage devices;
    Advanced and mature hot backup, clustering, and DB caching technologies are adopted.
  • Support a fully distributed architecture to reduce disaster risk;
  • Each subsystem has redundancy or N+1 cluster redundancy mode, no single point of fault;
    Distributed cluster working mode, supports smooth expansion and upgrade of each system.
  • A variety of system monitoring, fault handling mechanisms.
  • Network management platform: the signaling tracking system performs system fault tracking and handles user complaints;
  • Stream monitoring system: real-time monitoring of IPQAM output stream, interaction with front-end platform for fault handling;
  • Network management system: fault monitoring, alarm, SMS, email notification.