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IPTV Total Solutions

OVT IPTV overall solution is an open end-to-end system solution for IPTV services, including business platform system (content management system, business management system and EPG system, etc.), CDN system and terminal system. Through IP network transfer broadcast TV, on-demand TV and interactive entertainment services.
Solutions features
  • End-to-end business solution: OVT provides a network-wide solution from STB set-top boxes to EPG electronic program menus, from CDN content distribution network to broadband access devices such as DSLAM.
  • Compliance with criterion, with good openness: Support Telecommunications IPTV 3.0 and Unicom 3.0 relevant criterion. IPTV system can access STBs from multiple manufacturers, reducing operators’ construction costs.
  • Provide a variety of value-added services: Provide attractive services for operators to develop broadband
  • Provide serialized STB equipment: Meet the needs of different levels of operators
System advantages
  • System maturity: Ensure the maturity and operation of the system architecture, Relying on OVT relevant platforms and R&D experience in the fields of intelligent network, broadband and digital TV and etc.
  • System architecture advancement:
    • J2EE architecture for porting across multiple operating system platforms
    • Support Oracle, MySQL and other database platforms
    • The system adopts modular design and adopts cluster technology to meet large-scale operational needs.
    • EPG adopts three-layer architecture of the data layer/business logic layer/page presentation layer, to quickly respond to operators’ EPG customization requirements.
    • Support pushing different EPG interfaces by user level, access area, and user terminal category.
  • System good openness:
    • A standard protocol is used between the EPG and the set-top box to facilitate docking with third-party set-top boxes and PCs
    • Support personalized EPG page customized templates
    • Connected to the CDN, the accounting system, the AAA system, and the SP through a separate interface layer. The interface layer is separated from the business logic to ensure supporting the related industrial criterion and standards of the operators as soon as possible.
  • Separate billing engine:
    • Support multiple billing methods by frequency, time length, flow
    • Support a variety of billing features such as metering, monthly rent, capping, free usage, time period discount, cumulative discount, etc., to combine a rich billing models
    • Separate billing based on user category, area, terminal type, service characteristics, etc., and can be flexibly expanded base on customer needs
Network Structure
On-demand principle
Docking specification

IPTV Architecture diagram