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HomePlug AC EoC Access Solutions

EoC Access solution is designed for cable TV network operators broadband access technology solutions, it provide both video and data services to cable subscribers by utilizing existing cable networks, adding IP data channels to the RF spectrum.

With its powerful anti-interference capacity and multi-service network throughput capability, EoC access solutions have made a variety of IP-based services, such as high-speed data, VoIP and IPTV, a reality. EoC technology has become the mainstream access technology of two-way data transmission in cable TV network.

HomePlug AV EoC Strengths
  • No need for a large scale of HFC network transformation
  • Using OFDM+ QAM multi-carrier as modulation way, it has stronger anti-interference ability
  • Both RF video and data access services are available when on the same coaxial network
  • Can establish reverse transmission channel for interactive TV service in a fast and convenient way
  • The implementation of value-added services such as IPTV to meet the demand of high bandwidth
  • Low cost for per unit at Initial stage
  • Simple and convenient in system engineering installation and implementation
  • Low cost for system operation and maintenance
HomePlug AV EoC Features
  • In accordance with IEEE1901/HomePlugAV Standard
  • Support protocols: IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3x/802.1Q/802.1p, ect.
  • Support Modulation mode: OFDM 4096/1024/256/64/16/8-QAM /QPSK/BPSK/ROBO
  • Bidirectional 700Mbps physical bandwidth, MAC layer throughput up to 300Mbps can be reached
  • Support 128-bit AES encryption algorithm
  • Supports the IGMP Snooping multicast protocol
  • Support 802.1Q VLAN protocol and 4,096 VLAN IDs
  • Support 802.1P QoS priority control, support 0-7,a total 8 priorities
  • Control broadcast storm in an effective way
  • Support SNMP V1 and V2 network management protocols