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EOC Terminal


OVT-BC-CM-2000IE series is a common EoC terminal device product, which can be used independently by placing in user’s home, with features of simple in outward design, small in size, and easy installation. It contains four network interfaces, with up to 100Mbps access capacity, therefore, IPTV, VOD, broadband internet access and other services can be achieved.

Main Features

High Standard
It’s based on standard of fully open IP Protocol, and in line with the IEEE P1901/HomePlug AV international standards, also, it’s compatible with the standards of a number of large TV broadcasting network companies, such as Chongqing City Network, Shaanxi Province Network, Sichuan Province Network and Jiangsu Province Network, ect.

Meeting the standard of IEEE 2.4G 802.11B/G/N, with optional support of 5G 802.11n standard, and supporting IEEE802.11i security protocol, it can be connected with other wireless devices that meet the standards.

High Bandwidth Capacity
With a transmission bandwidth of up to 350Mbps in MAC layer, it makes OVT-BC-CM-2000IE terminal device series become an ideal product for bearing the services of IPTV, VOD, broadband internet access, ect.
Perfect QOS Capacity
Supporting the QOS strategies such as TOS, DiffServ, DSCP, 802.1p, etc., which will guarantee the indexes of network bandwidth, transmission delay, jitter, and packet loss, ect., and also support the real-time video/audio business and data business. When several business compete for channel resources, it will give priority to the real-time video/audio business to guarantee the service quality of real-time business.
Excellent Performance Indicators
Two RF interface included on the product, one interface for home-entry cable and the other one for set-top-box TV port connection, with high isolation, which has no interference to cable TV signal. Double layer isolation is adopted in the terminal device, making it high-efficient in terms of surge resistance and thunder proof capacity.