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Interactive TV Backoffice Management System

The back-end management system includes main subsystems such as BMS, CMS, SMS, and EPG management, which realizes the management functions of interactive TV basic services, organizes, generates, and publishes various pages that are ultimately visible to users, and manages various consumer services of digital TV users. Including user service authentication, session resource management, rate management, billing records, system management, page management, product management, content management, operational statistics reports, user behavior analysis, etc., providing operators with powerful operational statistics and flexible product management functions. The system adopts a standard interface to support integration with third-party BOSS and media resource management systems, and forms an operating system for unified operation and unified management of operators.
  • The system adopts J2EE structure, SPRING and popular AJAX technologies, and based on the open framework of independent research and development, it ensures the advanced technology and system stability;
  • The system follows the SOA structure and provides various open interfaces through open web service technology, which can quickly integrate with third-party systems.
  • The back-end management system supports hierarchical architecture and supports flexible multi-user hierarchical permissions;
  • The automatic discovery mechanism of the access module is supported, and the online expansion of the video server and IPQAM is supported. The system can be smoothly expanded and upgraded without affecting the online operation of the existing system.
  • Support multiple user authentication modes, such as IC card number, MAC address, IP address, etc.
  • Support VOD programming, information, weather forecast content and page management;
  • The page supports a variety of templates, providing a dedicated graphical template design tool for rapid page development;
  • Support the timely release and deletion of pages;
  • Support template addition, modification, deletion, and flexible replacement of template images;
  • Support personalized pages in different regions and different groups of people;
  • Integrated statistical management of time-shifted programs;
  • Support program content release statistics, and provide reliable maintenance staff workload statistics;
  • Support flexible packaging of programs, and formulate different charging strategies for product packages. At the same time, the system can also integrate with user management systems and BOSS systems to provide a complete billing system;
  • Support program, channel, column ratings survey and query statistics of various results;
  • Support questionnaire survey business, and can directly view the results of the survey on the TV, and provide various statistical reports on the back-end management system;
  • Support provider management of programs, advertisements, questionnaires, etc.;
  • Support various flexible query modes to acquire the user’s consumption information;
  • Support statistical analysis of user behavior;
  • Supports operator detailed operations to log query.