OVT Shins in SET Expo Brazil 2018


SET EXPO 2018, which is hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Commerce and the Brazilian National Radio and Television Association, was launched in 28th-30th August. Brazilian International Broadcasting and New Media Exhibition(SET EXPO)is the largest and most professional television and new media industry exhibition in South America,which hundreds of companies attend every year. It is one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the global electronic media industry.
As a well-known broadcast TV set top box brand, OVT has launched a full range of cost-effective set top boxes such as satellite, cable, ISDBT, OTT and IPTV for the South American market. The compact body, light and stylish design, and excellent performance of OVT products have attracted the attention of broadcast and television operators. Many famous local satellite operators, such as Embratel, Global, and cable operator Net, have expressed strong willingness to cooperate. It is foreseeable that OVT brands and products will shine even more in South America. Its products will inject new vitality into this beloved land of football and samba, and show a wonderful visual feast!