Cooperating with Yunnan IPTV,Operating Yunnan Telecom IPTV+


In October 2015, OVT and Yunnan IPTV established a strategic partnership for the operation of Yunnan Telecom’s IPTV+ business. They have built a new type of IPTV in Yunnan, which supporting fast switching, saving bandwidth VBR, supporting real-time transcoding, 365 days look-back applications and video real-time drag preview, also carrying new functions such as high-end IRG, 4K ultra-clear/3R HD content, and value-added video on demand content.
Yunnan Telecom’s IPTV+ service has achieved the first ultra-high-definition video zone based on 4K in China, therefore, massive ultra-high-definition programs can play on the IPTV+ platform, users with 4K TVs can experience the fun of ultra-high-definition video at home.