2016 India Cable TV and Satellite Communication Exhibition(SCAT16)


SCAT INDIA has attracted hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional buyers over the years. India, a neighbor of China, is not only a regional power, but also one of the fastest growing countries in the world. The combination of numerous populations and rapid development has made India a market that many businesses in the world are chasing.
For the broadcasting industry, India’s population and development have created a boom in the Indian radio and television market. Similar to the Chinese market, Indian cities are mainly dominated by cable TV subscribers, followed by broadband subscribers, and other regions are mainly receiving signal directly via satellite receiving antennas. India is the third largest cable TV market in the world, with cable TV users surpassing whole Europe. The current Indian radio and television industry is in a period of rapid development, which makes India became the most important market in Southeast Asia and a key development area for Chinese companies’ overseas markets. Attend the exhibition will help the development of the Indian market and the promotion of brand recognition.
The booth of OVT at SCAT INDIA is A10. During the Exhibition, OVT demonstrated a variety of digital TV products such as DVB-T, DVB-S, and DVB-C set-top boxes.